Scaling Applications without Code changes



Over the last 15 years, web load balancers have been deployed to scale web applications. They eventually became a requirement for any application scale out. As web traffic increased, it was apparent that the data tier was not keeping up. In this article, we introduce a transparent solution that provides applications scaling, all without the need to rewrite your application.

Heimdall Data and Hazelcast Solution

Heimdall Data and Hazelcast have created an “All things SQL” solution for increased performance and scale. To best describe this solution, I have created a comparison table below. The functions are strikingly similar to a web load balancer; the only difference being the protocol supported (i.e. HTTP vs. SQL):

Solution Web Load Balancer Heimdall Data/Hazelcast SQL Load Balancer
Security Firewall
Automated Failover

“What makes Heimdall Data unique?”

  • Self-healing; locate and resolve SQL bottlenecks (e.g. SQL caching, SQL transformation)

    • Identifies slowest performing queries; allows user to transform to an efficient query WITHOUT an application restart.
    • Provides accurate cache recommendations, leaving the guesswork out
    • Intelligently caches into the Hazelcast without ANY code changes. Pretty cool?

  • Application-aware database failover:
    • Upon a database failover, most load balancers (e.g. AWS, F5 Networks) today will drop the application connection, resulting in an app failure and reconnection. Our solution maintains application uptime upon a database failover.
    • Don’t waste months developing a high availability solution for MySQL and PostgreSQL when you can get Heimdall configured and running in minutes.

  • Compatible for custom or 3rd party packaged applications (J2EE,
  • Good for on-premise, great for cloud deployments


With engineering resource constraints, organizations are challenged to continuously add application value while improving performance and scalability. Our solution helps technical teams focus on revenue-generating features without carrying the burden of infrastructure optimization. The Heimdall-Hazelcast integration is an off-the-shelf transparent SQL solution. Application owners can now be worry-free about performance, scale, and high availability at the data access layer. Why spend months or years developing application resiliency when you can install us in 5 minutes?

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