Speedment Partners with Hazelcast for SQL Based In-Memory Operational Data Store


Press Release:

Hazelcast is the hot new scale out system for Big Data for the Java enterprise segment in Silicon Valley.

Now Speedment’s SQL Reflector makes it possible to integrate your existing relational data with continuous updates of Hazelcast data-maps in real-time.** Typically, new systems for Big Data are built to work with NoSQL databases only, where information elements often are stored as key/value pairs. This has excluded the majority of the market that still uses SQL databases from using real-time big query systems. With Speedment’s SQL reflector, traditional data saved in SQL databases can be reflected, integrated and presented in Hazelcast’s NoSQL format. The result is that from now on, all data can be accessible instantly and you are able to query your entire dataset, no matter what format and sizes the data has today. “Real-Time In-Memory SQL is a holy grail for In-Memory Data Management” said Miko Matsumura, VP of Marketing at Hazelcast “enabling real-time synchronization with SQL RDBMS and Hazelcast provides good value for Enterprise customers who need SQL.” Together with Hazelcast, Speedment will run a webinar later this year. It will be a presentation on how easily the SQL Reflector can be installed on an SQL database and be seamlessly integrated with Hazelcast to gain the ultimate benefit from the two technologies.

Per Åke Minborg, CTO Speedment says: ”It was a very straight-forward integration and a good match since both companies are using the same basic ConcurrentMap structure for storing data. Both products are a perfect match for Java 8’s functional API, allowing developers to remain in a strict object oriented world.” Hazelcast has not had a possibility to offer real-time SQL reflection to their solution before. The match with Speedment will fill this gap and gives customers with all kinds of data storage access to the Hazelcast platform.   “The automatic synchronization between database and the Hazelcast based cache is exactly what we would have needed on one of my old employers since we had legacy applications that wrote directly to the database.” says Hazelcast evangelist Christoph Engelbert.   Carina Dreifeldt, CEO at Speedment comments: “With our technology, the majority of the world’s more than 50 million RDBMS installations can gain access to the advantages of NoSQL solutions.”  

For more information, please contact:
Carina Dreifeldt, CEO at Speedment AB – carina@speedment.com
Miko Matsumura, VP Marketing and Developer Relations at Hazelcast Inc. – miko@hazelcast.com                    

About Speedment AB Speedment is an IT company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden and has recently opened an office in Palo Alto, California. The company focuses on graph databases and optimization of databases. So far, the team behind Speedment has received several high tech awards. With innovation Speedment, the company has raised the standard for high performance database acceleration. Custom solutions have been delivered within the newspaper and media, banking & finance, entertainment, education, film & music as well as transportation business.  www.speedment.com
About Hazelcast Hazelcast develops, distributes and supports the leading In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) and up-and-coming NoSQL solution. The product, also called Hazelcast, is a free open source download under the Apache license that any developer can include in minutes to enable them to build elegantly simple mission-critical, transactional, and terascale In-Memory Computing applications. The company provides commercially licensed Hazelcast Enterprise, Management Center and professional open source training, development support and deployment support. The company is privately held and headquartered in Palo Alto, California. www.hazelcast.com