Knowledge Driven Microservices


Maciej Swiderski recently published a blog post entitled, “Knowledge Driven Microservices“. In the post you’ll learn how to bring business and knowledge assets that you already have into your microservices architecture design.

In the area of microservices more and more people are looking into lightweight and domain IT solutions. Regardless of how you look at microservice the overall idea is to make sure it does isolated work, don’t cross the border of the domain it should cover.

That way of thinking made me look into it how to leverage the KIE (Knowledge Is Everything) platform to bring in the business aspect to it and reuse business assets you might already have – that is:

  • business rules
  • business process
  • common data model
  • and possibly more… depending on your domain

In this article I’d like to share the idea that I presented at and JBCNConf this year.

Since there is huge support for microservice architecture out there in open source world, I’d like to present one set of tools you can use to build up knowledge driven microservices, but keep in mind that these are just the tools that might (and most likely will) be replaced in the future.

Tools box

  • jBPM – for process management
  • Drools – for rules evenalutaion
  • Vert.x – for complete application infrastructure binding all together
  • Hazelcast – for cluster support for distributed environments

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