Hazelcast – Low Latency Datastores for IOT


DataMountaineer recently published a blog post entitled, “Hazelcast – Low Latency Datastores for IOT“. In the post, DataMountaineer presents a strategy for building low latency datastores for Internet of Things using Kafka and Hazelcast.

The Internet of Things is on the rise, it was certainly a buzzword of 2016. Gartner thinks so, they say there will be 20 billion devices online by 2020 with all of them transmitting (streaming) data. These devices are not limited to new devices, more and more we are seeing our clients want to connect into manufacturing control systems such as SCADA. Take a utility company for example, they might want to collect and analyse wind turbine or other asset data and perform forecasting or real time steering in combination with smart home meter data.

A Streaming solution with Kafka is the ideal platform to feed this never-ending flow of data into and Kafka Connect makes connecting these sources and sinks easy. So DataMountaineer built connectors for IoT, both CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) and MQTT.

While being able to easily ingest this data by simply passing a config file to Connect is great we still need to process the incoming messages. We could use a stream processor like Kafka Streams or we could simply configure a sink to write to a In-Memory grid like Hazelcast, or both. At Datamountaineer we have support for Hazelcast.

What does this architecture look like for IoT? We need to able to capture, process and persist the deluge of sensor data. Combining Kafka with Hazelcast makes this simple. You need four components to achieve this:

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