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Hazelcast blasts pass competitors in performance, as measured by their own tools!

We should start calling Hazelcast, Hazelfast. Hazelcast 3.6 EA shipped last week, and it is very fast. Compared to what, you ask? Well, compared to everything. How do we know this? Well, our competitors made their own comparative benchmarking tools, YardStick … Continue reading

Broke 10,000 Views – I Have Some People to Thank

This may be a small amount to some people but I don’t care. As of now, My blog has broke the 10,000 view mark. I started this blog in 2010 but the number of views were small and I might have gotten 300 views in two years. Since I got serious about keeping this blog…

Don’t call us, Hazelcast will call you!

Sending tasks or application logic to the data is a good step to achieve greater scalability, generally you need to inject some local dependencies into remote tasks before they are executed. In Hazelcast, there are a few ways of injecting…

Hazelcast Continues Global Expansion To London’s Canary Wharf

Hazelcast, the leading provider of open source InMemory Data Grid technology, announces David Brimley as new head of London office in Canary WharfLondon, UK Feb 28, 2014 On the back of raising 2.5M in venture capital, Hazelcast ( the leading provider of open source InMemory Data Grid (IMDG) technology, announces new global expansion into London. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an […]

Slashdotted: Miko Matsumura Deflates the Hype Over In-Memory Databases

Deflating the Hype Over In-Memory Databases (via slashdot) Moore’s law has doubled transistor density on both RAM memory and processors since the beginning of industrial computing. RAM doubling continues unabated, providing previously unheard-of supplies of main memory. However, we have reached the fundamental… – Riding a dead horse

 Today I want to coder a bit of a different topic so please read the following text and I appreciate ideas and opinions.
Not yet 60 hours ago a bad time for the german Java community started. A new owner took over the – the best rep…

Lightning is moving onwards to the ASF

Lightning, the highspeed and low latency serializer for the Java environment will move it’s way onwards to the Apache Software Foundation. Born from the discussion to add a serializer connector for Lightning to Apache DirectMemory, I was asked to …