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Webinar – Hazelcast 3.6 Roadmap Preview

Hazelcast has pushed the In-Memory Data Grid further by adding High-Density Caching and making great strides in performance and stability – but what’s next? Join us in our lateset webinar, Hazelcast 3.6 Roadmap Preview, as Hazelcast CEO Greg Luck previews…

Simulator 0.5 released!

Hazelcast Simulator Visualizer 0.5

Today we released version 0.5 of the Hazelcast Simulator tool. It is a production simulator used to test Hazelcast and Hazelcast based applications in clustered environments. You can use Hazelcast Simulator for the following use cases: In pre-production to simulate…

Hazelcast 3.5 Early Access


I am excited to announce the EA (Early Access) release of the upcoming Hazelcast 3.5 version. After ending 2014 with a fully JCache compliant Hazelcast 3.4 version, we have focused on increasing stability and performance in this next release as…

Simulator 0.4 released!

Internally the Performance/QA team is using a tool called the Simulator to simulate load on a Hazelcast cluster and see how it behaves when I apply this load for hours or even for day. This tool helps us to detect…

Hazelcast 3.3 Tops Charts in In-Memory Data Grid, Moves Into NoSQL

130927_Hazelcast_0940-Edit #1 In-Memory Data Grid – As adoption of Hazelcast version 3.3 increases, Hazelcast by all measures has secured the #1 spot for Open Source In-Memory Data Grids (IMDG). In fact, according to the DB Engines Ranking, Hazelcast is the…

Hazelcast Announces Hazelcast Enterprise 3.3

Skyscrapers in New York City, midtown Manhattan, USA

Hazelcast Challenges Oracle In-Memory Computing Stranglehold With New Offering Palo Alto, CA – June 10 Today, Larry Ellison will announce Oracle’s In-Memory Computing strategy, and concurrently, Hazelcast will be launching Hazelcast Enterprise, a commercial offering from Hazelcast to directly compete…

Hazelcast 3.2.2 Released

We just released Hazelcast 3.2.2. This release is a stable, production-ready maintenance release. Stabilizer Testing This release was tested using our new production simulator, Hazelcast Stabilizer for 48 hours with the following configurations: small       = [12 instance, memberWorkerCount … Continue reading

Hazelcast 3.3-EA Released

We just released Hazelcast-3.3-EA with the following new features: Heartbeat for Java client filterless Tomcat 6&7 Web Sessions Clustering (Enterprise only) Enterprise WAN Replication (Enterprise only) Replicated Map Download Enterprise version here or open source version here. We anticipate the RC … Continue reading

What’s new in Hazelcast 3?

Hazelcast 3 is the biggest change that we have introduced to Hazelcast ever.  As Hazelcast grew with more and more features, we often felt that the inner architecture is no longer good enough to support those additions. It was almost impossible to introduce some of new features that community really wanted. So a decision made […]