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Hazelcast and MongoDB Learn to Play Nice


When I talk to the developers about Hazelcast, many of them ask how Hazelcast is different from NoSQL databases, and particularly from MongoDB. In this blog post, I will try to answer this question once and for all. MongoDB is…

Hazelcast 3.3 Tops Charts in In-Memory Data Grid, Moves Into NoSQL

130927_Hazelcast_0940-Edit #1 In-Memory Data Grid – As adoption of Hazelcast version 3.3 increases, Hazelcast by all measures has secured the #1 spot for Open Source In-Memory Data Grids (IMDG). In fact, according to the DB Engines Ranking, Hazelcast is the…

James Governor In-Memory Data Grid: Less Disruptive NoSQL

jamesgovernor Here’s Hazelcast’s Miko Matsumura speaking with James Governor, RedMonk analyst. You may want to go full screen in order to read the embedded slides. James says about In-Memory Data Grid: It solves many of the same sorts of challenges…

Hazelcast Use Cases


Hazelcast is the leading open source in-memory data grid. For the vanguard of distributed computing, we often get lots of enthusiastic kudos like the following: Using #hazelcast in your software project is like throwing brains at zombies: It solves your problems and even may save your life — Donnerbart (@Donnerbart) October 13, 2013 Yeah! I […]