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JCache: Supercomputing For The Rest Of Us

On the opening day of JavaOne and Oracle Open World, Hazelcast, the leading In-Memory Data Grid provider is announcing the release of Hazelcast 3.3.1 JCache, the JCache compatible version of Hazelcast. By using JCache, developers will be able to deploy…

Lambda Hello World

I was recently checking Lambda expressions out to ensure the forthcoming JCache spec would work Ok with them. I just wanted a really simple example that worked through the different syntactical forms and ended up putting a Hello World type … Continue reading

0.3 of JSR107:javax.cache released

0.3 of the JSR107 spec, RI and TCK have been released. Changes in this release: Numerous changes across the spec, TCK and RI Annotations implementations in the RI for Spring and CDI Transactions API finalised The release is in Maven … Continue reading