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This category is dedicated to posts and articles concentrating on Java’s component-based caching engine JCache (JSR-107).

Times Table with JCache 1.1

An example showing Hazelcast support for JCache 1.1. As a maintenance release to the JSR 107 Java Caching Specification, JCache 1.1 was released on 16th December 2017. This is now supported by Hazelcast, from release 3.9.3 onwards, released on 16th…

Jepsen Analysis on Hazelcast 3.8.3

Jepsen Analysis Kyle Kingsbury (aka @aphyr) has prepared an analysis of Hazelcast IMDG 3.8.3 using his Jepsen tool, as he has many other distributed systems over the last four years. We are the first In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) to be…

JCache: Supercomputing For The Rest Of Us

On the opening day of JavaOne and Oracle Open World, Hazelcast, the leading In-Memory Data Grid provider is announcing the release of Hazelcast 3.3.1 JCache, the JCache compatible version of Hazelcast. By using JCache, developers will be able to deploy…

More than just JCache

JSR107, Java Temporary Caching API, also known as JCache is finally out after an effort of 13 years. It's like the only everlasting JSR of the JCP history. But long story short, it's completed now and companies in NoSQL/in-memory-data-grid/big-data world are competing each other to release their own implementations first.

Lambda Hello World

I was recently checking Lambda expressions out to ensure the forthcoming JCache spec would work Ok with them. I just wanted a really simple example that worked through the different syntactical forms and ended up putting a Hello World type … Continue reading

0.3 of JSR107:javax.cache released

0.3 of the JSR107 spec, RI and TCK have been released. Changes in this release: Numerous changes across the spec, TCK and RI Annotations implementations in the RI for Spring and CDI Transactions API finalised The release is in Maven … Continue reading