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This category is populated with announcements of industry events and public meetings for users of Java, Grid Computing, Big Data, and Hazelcast.

Webinar – How to Achieve Developer-friendly, Resilient Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is essential for creating scalable business models. However, traditional Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) are often create pain points for developers, making it difficult for them to go about their day-to-day. Even worse, the outdated technical architecture of…

Where we’ll be in August


We had an exciting month of events in July and August will be no different! If you’re curious as to what Hazelcast is up to this month, check out our line up of events: Twin Cities Java User Group August…

Webinar – Hazelcast 3.6 Roadmap Preview

Hazelcast has pushed the In-Memory Data Grid further by adding High-Density Caching and making great strides in performance and stability – but what’s next? Join us in our lateset webinar, Hazelcast 3.6 Roadmap Preview, as Hazelcast CEO Greg Luck previews…

Webinar – Make the Move to In-Memory Data Grids

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is cheap. Really cheap. As a result, in-memory databases, analytics, and data grids are surging in popularity among firms with the insatiable need for performance and scalability. However, in-memory databases, analytics platforms, and data grids…

5 Reasons to Visit the @Hazelcast Booth at JavaONE

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to visit the Hazelcast Booth at JavaONE.   Hazelcast booth, in a warehouse getting ready to be at JavaOne Reason #1: See Real LEGO Supercomputing Do you like Java? Do you like LEGOs? How about Raspberry Pi? Do you like Supercomputers? How about open source? Fuad has built a […]

See you at JavaOne

Hazelcast has two talks at JavaOne 2012: CON6751 – In-Memory Data Grids: Best Practices BOF6806 – Hazelcast: Scalable Data Structures Don’t forget to mark these talks in your JavaOne Calendar. Please visit us at booth 5105 in the exhibition hall. Say hi! and see our very cool and fun demo. We also have tweet-shirt surprise […]