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Greg has worked with Java for 15 years. He is spec lead of the recently completed JSR107:JCache and the founder of Ehcache. He is a JCP Executive Committee alumni. Prior to Hazelcast®, Greg was CTO at Terracotta, Inc which was acquired by Software AG. He was also Chief Architect at Australian travel startup which went to IPO. Earlier roles include consultant at ThoughtWorks and KPMG, and CIO at Virgin Blue, Tempo Services, Stamford Hotels and Resorts, and Australian Resorts. Greg has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from QUT and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland.

Introducing Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache

Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache. This joint solution with Hazelcast’s in-memory data grid uses Striim’s Change Data Capture to solve the cache consistency problem. With Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache, you can reduce…

We just made Hazelcast 3.7 30% faster

3.7 30% Faster Across the Board 3.7 EA just got released. And I am happy to say our Performance Team led by Peter Veentjer found another amazing optimisation. The main change this time was to remove notifyAll and synchronized blocks…

Fake Benchmark: Corrected Benchmark shows Hazelcast 3.6 is much faster than GridGain/Apache Ignite 1.5

GridGain/Apache Ignite have released a benchmark which purports to show that they are faster than Hazelcast. This follows on from our Hazelcast/Ignite Benchmark using Yardstick, their own benchmark, which shows Hazelcast 3.6-EA was much faster than Ignite 1.4.1. In looking into…

Hazelcast 3.6 up to three times faster than Hazelcast 3.2

We got busy with performance at Hazelcast over the last year and a half. There are many different parts of the API to test. We have mostly been using competitors benchmarks to verify our performance increases. This week we wanted…

Hazelcast blasts pass competitors in performance, as measured by their own tools!

We should start calling Hazelcast, Hazelfast. Hazelcast 3.6 EA shipped last week, and it is very fast. Compared to what, you ask? Well, compared to everything. How do we know this? Well, our competitors made their own comparative benchmarking tools, YardStick … Continue reading

Hazelcast’s Business Model, Open Source, Open Standards & Community

The times they are a changin’. We have noticed that our competitors have been changing their business models, open sourcing their cores and talking about building communities. For ourselves, we aren’t announcing any changes. And that’s the point. Hazelcast has…

Hazelcast 3.2.2 Released

We just released Hazelcast 3.2.2. This release is a stable, production-ready maintenance release. Stabilizer Testing This release was tested using our new production simulator, Hazelcast Stabilizer for 48 hours with the following configurations: small       = [12 instance, memberWorkerCount … Continue reading

Hazelcast 3.3-EA Released

We just released Hazelcast-3.3-EA with the following new features: Heartbeat for Java client filterless Tomcat 6&7 Web Sessions Clustering (Enterprise only) Enterprise WAN Replication (Enterprise only) Replicated Map Download Enterprise version here or open source version here. We anticipate the RC … Continue reading